WATCH: This Morbidly Obese Termite Queen Is Pulsating with Sweat Licking Babies

A termite queen is good for one thing and one thing only: making babies. She is capable of producing one egg every three seconds, which averages to about 30,000 eggs per day!

Since termite queens live an average of 20 years, that means she will bring a quarter of a million babies in the world. That’ a hell of a lot of termites.

Once pregnant, the queen’s ovipositor–her egg-laying organ–massively extends outward, as you can see in the video above. At this point, she becomes too fat to ever move again. She just remains immobile, pushing out eggs. All that hard work causes her body to sweat, and once her children are born, they will keep her clean by constantly licking the sweat off. Yes, she makes sweat-licking babies.

These babies will eventually eat her alive; that is, after she is no longer able to produce offspring.

Nature sure can be disgustingly cruel.