WATCH: This Woman Found Her Doppleganger on Amazon – Now They Finally Met for the First Time

Paula Petra is a 23-year-old woman from Georgia, and Katie Morrow is a 29-year-old from Connecticut and, as far as they know, they are not related. Despite this, and the six-year age difference, the women look like exact clones of each other. If you saw them walking down the street together, you’d think they were twins.

They also would have never met each other had a very unexpected chain of events not taken place.

Morrow and Petra found each other in a very unusual way, after Morrow spotted a photo of Petra on Amazon.

Morrow was shopping on Amazon for hair dye, when she found a picture of Petra. First, Morrow shared the picture with friends and family, then she reached out to Petra and the duo became online friends.

Now, thanks to a video project by Twin Strangers, we see Morrow and Petra finally meet each other for the first time. The organization is dedicated to helping find, and meet, their dopplegangers from around the world.

See what happens during their emotional meeting in the video clip above.

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