Watch: Three Blind Women Describe Beauty in Powerful Campaign

A powerful campaign by Dove has asked visually impaired women from Sweden to share what makes them feel beautiful. The campaign seeks to encourage viewers to reflect on the true meaning of beauty. To do this, they ask three blind women to define and describe beauty. These three women have been visually impaired for most, or all, of their lives, but they have a better understanding of beauty than most of us.

The video asks a simple question: “How do you know that you are beautiful if you can’t see your reflection in the mirror?”

The women who answer are Naomi Allback, Anna Bergholtz, and Ida Ostlund. Allback and Bergholtz have been blind for 15 and 13 years respectively, and Oslund has lived with impaired vision since she was born.

The women discuss some of their insecurities about their bodies, but also how their impairment has taught them new ways to truly appreciate the concept of beauty.

“I feel beautiful when I’m in love,” said Allback. “Beauty is more of a feeling to me, it comes from within.”

Bergholtz spoke of her own adjustment, and how checking herself in the mirror what a habit she had to break—even after she lost her vision.

“it took a very long time before I stopped doing that. Now, I think that is one of the things I like about not seeing,” she said.

The video is a part of Dove’s Choose Beautiful campaign, and was a collaboration with the Edelman Deportivo creative agency.

Check out the powerful video above.