WATCH: Tiniest Horse Is Smaller Than the Dog He Is Best Friends With

This is so cute, you just have to watch the video above to believe it! Acer is a miniature horse—who is even more miniature than he would normally be because he happens to have been born with dwarfism. This means that the 22-inch tall tiny horse might be the smallest little horse in Britain, the Mirror reports.


He lives with Maureen O’Sullivan at her Essex miniature horse farm. Maureen says that typically people would have a foal born with dwarfism put down due to their higher potential for health issues, but she couldn’t bear to do so with Acer.

While Acer might not measure up to the towering steeds he is closely related to—in fact he’s not even allowed in the same enclosure for fear that they might accidentally trample or injure him—he doesn’t need to be tall to be the most adorable horse around.

Acer has his own tiny stable stall, but he’s allowed to wander in the family home with his best friend—the family’s pet Labrador named Demon. In fact Demon seems to be a brush taller than Acer—but we’re sure he tries not to mention it when they socialize.

Britains-smallest-horse (3)

Maureen says Acer is certainly more of a house pet than a farm horse. He even has a special harness and lead, and accompanies Maureen on walks through the fields and into town.

Britains-smallest-horse (1)

While everyone is probably curious about how they too can have a horse like Acer, Maureen cautions that he has probably cost her a few thousand dollars due to some of his health problems cause by the dwarfism.

And anyway, when strangers on the street stop the pair and ask if they can buy Acer, Maureen is firm that she could never part with him.