WATCH: Toad Vs Snake — You’ll Be Shocked by Who Wins

If put to the test, you’d probably bet your money on a snake against most small animals, especially a little toad, right?

Well, this toad just turned everything we know about the animal kingdom on its head. In the video above, you can see a little harmless looking eating the 3ft-long keelback snake – Australia’s only none poisonous snake (luckily for the toad!).

According to the Daily Mail it was a prominent researcher who found the toad.  Darwin’s Lord Mayor, Graeme Sawyer, said this about the shocking find:

“I was absolutely amazed. To see a large female cane toad like this one eating a live snake is just unbelievable.

I thought I’d try to give the snake a chance so I grabbed it and I was able to pull it from the toad’s mouth before it went any further down its throat.

Miraculously, the snake was still alive, so I released it into nearby bushland.”

In an official briefing about the snake the Queensland Government said that it is a “reptile that eats frogs, tadpoles and lizards.” Luckily for the snake, he may get the chance to set the food chain right a second time around.