WATCH: Today’s Kids Don’t Know What a Walkman Is or How to Use It

In the video above, kids react to a portable cassette player. You know… a Walkman.

And their reactions are priceless!

Initially, when the Fine Brothers present them with one, some of them think that it’s a phone. That is, until they find out it isn’t. While others struggle to figure out how to work the damn thing.

“You actually have to do stuff!” one of them exclaims.

Walkman’s were so cool back in the day! All of us here in the office can still remember riding our bikes and rollerblading around our neighborhood listening to Mariah Carey and U2 on our SONY Walkman.

Back in those days, we didn’t have an iPod that could fit thousands of songs.

Nope, we had to make due with countless cassette tapes that could only hold about 30 songs max.

Watching these kids attempt to operate a Walkman is probably the saddest-funniest thing we’ve seen all day.

Would your kids know what the heck a Walkman was if you showed it to them?