WATCH: Top Ten Political Moments of 2012 from CNN’s Candy Crowley

“Picking your top 10 moments in an election year is like finding your favorite grain of sand on the beach: there are an impossible number of possibilities.”

So begins this video from CNN’s Candy Crowley, who was tasked by the news station with compiling her 10 favorite political moments of 2012. Lists like these are entirely personal, and one compiled by a Fox News commentator will certainly differ from one created by a person at MSNBC. But since CNN travels the most middle-of-the-road of all the news services, we decided to go with this one for FTK. And whether you supported President Obama, Governor Romney, or someone else altogether, one thing becomes really clear after watching Crowley’s video: A LOT of things happened in 2012.

From mentions of a 47% to debating who should get credit for a small business owner’s success, there was never a dull moment. So check out Crowley’s picks and let us know if you think they merit a place in this year’s history books.