WATCH: Topless Female Protesters Crash Muslim Conference, Get Arrested

Two topless women were arrested in France after they overtook the stage as a conference where Muslim leaders were discussing the role of women in society. The women, identified as members of the Femen women’s activist group, leaped on stage and tore off their cloaks to reveal protest slogans painted across their naked chests and torsos.

The women grabbed microphones and started shouting feminist cries in both Arabic and French, leaving the imams—who were in the middle of a debate about whether it was right for a husband to slap his wife, according to scripture—and the audience in shock and uproar.

One woman had “I am my own prophet” written on her chest, and the other’s read “no one subjugates me.”

Their cries of “nobody enslaves me, nobody owns me, I’m my own prophet,” were met by jeers from the men in the crowd.

Some even shouted “kill them” and “dirty whores,” according to reports.

The women were quickly hushed as a large group of men surrounded them to force them off of the stage. One woman appears to be kicked while she is on the ground.

The women were quickly arrested by police. Officials at the conference indicated that they intend to press charges.

WARNING: Video contains partial-nudity and is NOT intended for all ages. It is not for the easily offended. Viewer discretion advised.