WATCH: Trailer for Gambit starring Cameron Diaz and Colin Firth

The first trailer for Gambit, starring Cameron Diaz and Colin Firth has been released.

The remake of a 1966 comedy of the same name was directed by Michael Hoffman, and written by Joel and Ethan Coen. Diaz and Firth act alongside Alan Rickman and Stanley Tucci.

The crime-comedy follows an art curator Harry Deane, played by Firth, as he tries to carry out a scheme to trick his abusive billionaire boss into buying a fake Monet painting. Cameron plays the role of a Texas rodeo queen (nails the accent, if you ask us) enlisted by Firth’s character to carry out the plan, but things go awry when she begins to fall for the man they are trying to con.

Sounds like the perfect recipe for a fun, quirky new take on a classic. Watch the trailer and decide for yourselves.

The movie opens in the UK Nov. 13 with a release date yet to be set in the US.