WATCH: Train Falls Off Elevated Tracks

Multiple train cars were blown off the Huey P. Long Bridge as a line of severe thunderstorms moved across the New Orleans area Monday. There’s a full report above, but if you just want to view the accident itself check out the footage below.

Here’s the breakdown of what happened, and how the accident was caught on film. A reporter for WGNO (and ABC affiliate station) named Jabari Thomas was in the Elmwood area as the storms hit at around 10:30 in the morning Monday. He had just driven under the bridge you see in the video, when the wind picked up. Knowing he was in danger from the storm, he pulled into a Raising Cane’s restaurant with his dashcam running. That’s when the accident happened.

As you’ll see the freight train is blown off the elevated tracks and comes crashing to the ground. Electrical transformers are seen exploding as well.

The reporters above note that, fortunately, there was only merchandise in the cars and there were no people or dangerous materials. However, they do note that even though the severe weather seems to have passed, there is still one car on the tracks that could fall, and the area is considered quite dangerous. Learn more above.