WATCH: Trucks Crashing Into Bridges

Most professional truck drivers know the dimensions of their vehicles — both in feet and in meters. And then there are times when they don’t, or when a non-professional is driving a similarly large vehicle, and they just get themselves into trouble.

In North America, overhead clearance ranges from 13.6 feet to 14.6 feet, though that number can vary depending on the state you’re driving in. This is why transportation departments post the height of bridges and overpasses so that drivers who are paying attention will know in advance. It’s when they don’t pay attention, or when they think their eyes are a better judge of height than the posted sign, that they have an accident.

At the top of this post is a video showing some amazing trucks crashing into bridges, as well as buses, motor homes and other large vehicles. They’re both amusing and shocking, depending on the situation (like in one clip where a major accident clearly results after the truck collides with the bridge).

Below that is a slide show with some fun and frightening photos of different accidents. We loved this grouping and included them here as well, because it gives you a little more time to study the irony in these situations.