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WATCH: Uber Drivers Will Distract Drunk Passengers with Popular 90s Kids’ Toy

Uber has made headlines many times in recent months due to violent attacks by drunk passengers on their drivers. Now, they’re making headlines for their unusual attempt to prevent these attacks.

It’s no secret that Uber drivers are at a huge risk of assault, and are in vulnerable close quarters. In October, 2015, video of Taco Bell executive Benjamin Golden attacking his Uber driver went viral. The footage led to him being fired from the company and launching a lawsuit against the driver for distributing the footage.

Earlier this month, a medical resident in Florida named Anjali Ramkissoon was suspended from her hospital job after video went viral of her drunken rampage against her Uber driver.

These incidents have forced Uber to consider new ways to address the issue of drunken attacks against the drivers, and now they’ve announced a surprising new tactic.

According to the company, Uber has rolled out a test in North Carolina that involves putting the popular Bop It toy—yes, the one that was popular in the 90s—in the backseat to distract drunk passengers.

The idea behind this move being that, hopefully, they’ll be too absorbed in the game to attack their driver.

There is no word on how successful the experiment has been so far, but perhaps soon there will be Bop Its coming to more Ubers around the country.

Don’t remember how a Bop It works? See it in action in the video below.

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