WATCH: UFO Seen Flying Over Volcano Just Days After Eruption

A UFO caught hovering over the Popocateptl volcanic site has sparked some conspiracy, as it happened to appear in the skies just a day or so after the volcano erupted last week.

Upon eruption, the volcano sent a 6,500-foot column of ash into the atmosphere. Then witnesses captured footage that seems to show a white object, surrounded by smoke, flying over the mountain.

Popocatepetl is located just outside of Mexico City, Mexico.

The opject flies by at a pretty fast clip. There is currently no clear explanation for what the flying object is exactly, but some wonder if it could possibly be related to the eruption of the volcano—or if it is pure coincidence.

This isn’t the first time people have reported strange sightings at the volcano.

Officials have stated they believe it could have been a plane, but cannot confirm that one flew over that area of land at that time.

Users across the internet have voiced doubts that a plane would fly so close and so low to an ash-spewing volcano.

Many believe that the volcano could be the site of an alien base.

See footage for yourself below.