WATCH: Volvo Trucks President Hung Over Icy Harbor

Claes Nilsson, the President of Volvo Trucks, went were few other auto executives have gone before — standing atop the front of a truck, hanging 20 meters in the air, above the icy Gothenburg harbor in Sweden.

The scene was for a short film (commercial) promoting the company’s new construction truck, the Volvo FMX. The concept is simple: if the truck can hold itself in the air under these conditions, imagine what it can do on much simpler (and safer) road conditions. And the President of the company is so confident, he’s willing to put his life at risk to prove his point. It’s an obvious attempt at creating a viral video, but it actually works.

No stunt men were used in this video, and evidently the height didn’t get to Nilsson; the cold air did.

Check out this behind-the-scenes video above, and then watch the actual short film below.