WATCH: ‘Wal-Mart of Weed’: The First Ever Marijuana Mall Set to Open

When we think of malls we think of mega stores and boutiques all crammed together in one huge structure. And there’s always that river of customers wading through all the goods their hearts desire. Will a weed mall be any different? Only time will tell.

for now, developers are getting busy in the town of Trinidad, Colorado, which is slated to be the site for the country’s first ever “marijuana mini mall.”

Sean Sheridan and Chris Elkins, two of the developers, believe the friendly town is the perfect place for the project, thanks to tourism and legalized marijuana.

“This town has a zero-foot setback, which allows us to put five dispensaries here right next to one another,” said Elkins. “As far as we know, we are the only town in Colorado that we can do this in.”

The group is awaiting final permits from the City Council. Initially, Elkins’ plan was to put as many as 17 stores within the building. However, the city will only allow five.

Sheridan and Elkins are now busy looking for five other dispensaries to lease the additional space to. Elkins also said they planned to open up the inside of the building, but now customers will enter and exist the stores from the sidewalk, like a strip mall.

Either way, we’re sure the new mall will be a huge success.