WATCH: This Revolutionary Anti-Bullet Wall Can Stop ANYTHING

Many movies like to pretend that any old surface, whether it be a plaster wall or wooden door or fiber glass car, is strong enough to stop bullets in their tracks. In reality, bullets can penetrate nearly anything.

But a surface that can actually stop bullets is far more rare. This video above shows a stunning demonstration of the groundbreaking Swedish Saab Soft Armour wall, which can take any amount of gunshots without bullets penetrating the surface or ricocheting.

From the YouTube description of the anti-bullet wall:

Saab’s Soft Armour system offers protection against ballistic penetration up to NATO 7.62 mm AP ammunition (STANAG level III). The system is a box concept filled with hard ceramic balls. The system is especially designed to enhance survivability and can be fitted to any structure prior to missions, or even retrofitted to existing structures in operational theatre.

A unique ceramic material protects against ballistic penetration. Soft Armour is a patented ballistic protection technology that provides security for people in vulnerable environments. Soft Armour also protects critical equipment and facilities. Soft Armour protects against all small arms ammunition including armour piercing. The system has a lower total cost than ceramic and composite protection, with reusability, multi-hit capabilities and high flexibility.

Find out more here, or just watch the video above.