WATCH: This Weird Japanese Commercial Is More Terrifying Than Any Horror Movie

It’s been well-documented here and elsewhere that Japanese culture is pretty weird. No matter how conditioned we are to expect insanity from the island nation, they still manage to surprise us somehow. What a creative and industrious people.

They certainly have to be creative to come up with this Japanese commercial for a service offering English classes, wherein a black man’s head appears inside a Japanese child’s mouth. There’s not really a way to say it without it sounding awkward because, well, it is awkward.

The English-speaking man featured in the commercial said on Reddit that he appears in another commercial for the same service.

“The summer version features one really short cut of me appearing in the boy’s mouth but the main focus is a girl for the next one. Yes, I appear inside a little girl’s mouth.. .there is no good way to say that.”