WATCH: What Happens When You Put a Mouse in Mountain Dew for 30 Days?

Disclaimer: Although no living animals were harmed in the making of this video, the footage is graphic and not suitable for everyone. Discretion is highly advised. 

A few years ago, an Illinois man filed a lawsuit against PepsiCo claiming he had found a dead mouse in a can of Mountain Dew.

In its defense, the soda corporation argued “that a rodent would have disintegrated and been transformed into a ‘jelly-like’ substance between the time of the soft drink’s bottling and the day the plaintiff reportedly purchased the soda from a vending machine at his office,” essentially saying the man’s claim was false.

Although PepsiCo had the backing of a veterinarian, the good people over at The Explorer Multimedia weren’t completely sold. So, they conducted a test and found out themselves.

This video is just as insane and nauseating as you’d expect, so once again, if you have a weak stomach, please refrain from watching.