WATCH: What Kids of Drug Lords Post on Instagram Will Blow You Away

WARNING: Some of the images above and in the video are risque. Viewer discretion is advised.

Yes, they got El Chapo again, but what we want to know is, What are his kids up to? We know his one son threatened the Mexican government after they shackled his dad, but we want photos of what he owns because of his dad’s drug money (if you feel the same, skip down to the video below).

It seems that there is no shortage of cash, drugs, designer goods, and ferocious animals for the kids of drug lords to amuse themselves with. In fact, they are pretty shameless about showing off their toys on Instagram.

According to Dude Comedy, each of the images above came from the children of drug kingpins and were culled from different pages on social media, namely Instagram.

Oddly enough, the daughters of these drug lords are show-offs too, especially when it comes to their rifles and, well, their hot bods!

If these photos are not enough for you, check out the video below. In fact, El Chapo’s kids show off their wares in this one: