WATCH: What Really Happens to Your Luggage at the Airport

Have you ever wondered what happens to your luggage when you check it at the airport?┬áThe minute your bags are whisked away on that conveyor belt, it goes on a journey you’ve probably never seen before!

No, the bags don’t just magically appear at your destination. It turns out a whole robotic system works behind the scenes to make sure your luggage makes it to the gate on time, and on your flight.

This point-of-view video is fascinating to watch, for those who ever wondered what exactly happens to luggage at the airport.

The footage was shot at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, captured by a small camera attached to the top of a suitcase.

According to the Daily Mail, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the fifth busiest airport in Europe. The airport connects flights to more than 300 destinations, and last year alone conveyed over 55 million passengers.

Check out the video above, it’s like a roller coaster for your luggage!