WATCH: What This Special Ed Teacher Does for His Students Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (Inform) Chris Ulmer is a teacher who focuses on more than just textbooks and quizzes.

Ulmer is a special education teacher at Mainspring Academy in Florida. Each morning Ulmer starts the day a little differently, he tells each of his students why they are important and compliments them right to their face. It is a powerful thing to see!

Ulmer spends about 10 minutes at the beginning of each day to talk to his students, telling one student “You sir are an amazing student, you’re very funny, you’re very smart, you do a great job everyday, and you make everyone laugh ‘cause you are so silly”.
This video has been shared over 20,000 times online, and has been viewed by over a million people, and rightly so, it is captivating. Ulmer posts these videos himself to show others the importance of acceptance and his powerful way of teaching. It is a must watch!