WATCH: What This Terminally Ill Boy’s Entire Town Does Will Move You to Tears

An entire town in Ontario, Canada, is banding together to celebrate Christmas two months early so that Evan Wellwood, a 7-year-old boy with brain cancer, can enjoy the holiday.

Evan Leversage has been fighting brain cancer for the past five years. His family was told by his doctor that Evan may not live to celebrate Christmas this year.


A local flower shop owner put the Wellwood family’s idea of having an early Christmas on Facebook. It went viral, and residents of St. George decided to make it a town-wide event. Now, there are plans for a parade with 25 floats and cars from the Ontario Provincial Police on Saturday October 24th.

“I organized a get-together downtown to decorate Main Street,” Brandy King from the La Petit Fleur flower shop told ABC News today. “All the local businesses got their windows decorated so it looks like Christmas on Main Street.”

Volunteers redid urns and planters for the parade, local businesses donated hot chocolate and snacks for the volunteers and residents organized a toy drive to pass out toys to Evan and his two brothers.

“The community just grabbed a hold of [this idea] and it kept getting bigger and bigger,” Evan’s mother Nicole Wellwood told ABC station KGO. “I don’t think Evan has any idea how big it’s going to be.”


The Wellwood’s house is decorated with Minion decorations out front, hanging strings of lights and a Christmas tree inside with tinsel and ornaments. A group of supporters decorated the house and left gifts under the tree.

“Saturday is going to be a very special day for him on every level,” Nicole Wellwood told KGO. “I think he’s got mixed emotions, but like any 7-year-old, he’s excited.”

Shelly Wellwood has set up a GoFundMe account titled “One Last Christmas” to share the event and help with Evan’s medical bills.


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