WATCH: Why Are Burger King Workers Across the Country Smashing All of the Restaurant Windows?

A series of prank phone calls are causing some serious damage to Burger King restaurants across the United States recently. Apparently people are prank calling Burger King restaurants claiming to be an official from the local fire department. They then tell the confused employees that there is a gas leak and the building is in immediate danger of blowing up.

The workers are then instructed to go break all of the windows of the establishment, allegedly to release the dangerous pressure building up from the supposed gas leak.

The only thing more bizarre than these ridiculous, illogical claims is the fact that the employees are actually destroying the windows in a frenzied panic.

It’s happened at more than one location, and video footage of panicked employees running around breaking windows have since gone viral.

You can see for yourself in the clip above.

So far, reports say that restaurants in Minnesota, California and Oklahoma have fallen for the weird—and expensive—prank.