WATCH: Woman Bypasses TSA Checkpoint Because ‘Faith Is MY ID’, Boards Delta Flight

A Kentucky woman who claimed that “my name and faith is my ID” was able to bypass a TSA security checkpoint and board a Delta flight in Nashville, despite not providing ID or boarding pass. According to reports the incident, that occurred at Nashville International Airport, happened last week and involved a woman named Naja Eva Haynes.

Apparently Haynes drove herself to the airport, and accessed the terminal by going through a TSA checkpoint without being screened. She then went to a Delta gate and got on board without any identification or boarding pass and helped herself to a seat near the rear of the plane.

She reportedly refused to provide any identification to gate agents nor police. She also refused and resisted requests that she exit the aircraft.

Security was called and she was physically removed from the plane and taken into custody.

She has been charged with violation of airport and aircraft security and resisting arrest.

According to reports, one TSA employee at the Nashville airport has since resigned, after an inquiry was launched into the incident.

In a statement, TSA spokesperson Mike England said:

“TSA is taking this incident seriously and will retain employees as necessary to ensure compliance with standard operating procedures.”

A representative for Delta Air Lines told news outlets that the flight Haynes snuck onto was not boarding at the time. In fact the flight was delayed due to thunderstorms in Atlanta, and gate agents were in the process of rebooking travelers onto other flights.