WATCH: Woman Can’t Stop Herself from Drinking Nail Polish Straight from the Bottle

Bertha is a 23-year-old woman featured on TLC’s hit show My Strange Addiction, and she has a secret addiction that leaves her worried about her health. She has been addicted to drinking bottles of nail polish for at least five years.

She tearfully explains that when she’s stressed or upset she craves the chemical product, and will usually drink up to five bottles every day.

Bertha describes how the nail polish burns her throat, but says that it feels good to her.

When she finally admitted her problem to close family, they feared for the impact that the product will have on her health. A doctor’s visit confirmed that by drinking what is essentially poison on a daily basis, Bertha is risking irreversible damage to her internal organs and death.

The chemicals in nail polish are also found in embalming and explosives.

Bertha says that she first became addicted because the smell reminds her of a salon. She will consume the nail polish by sipping from bottles, throwing it back like a shot of alcohol, or even by licking the brush.

This episode My Strange Addiction first aired several years ago, but it is still one of the most bizarre cases they’ve done to date.

See a short clip in the video above, and watch more of Bertha’s story below.

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