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WATCH: Woman Completely Destroys Her Marriage on Game Show

People will do some pretty ridiculous things to make a quick buck. In this case, it’s a woman who went on a game show and basically destroyed her marriage.

The woman in question participated in the game with her whole family, including her husband, in attendance.

The rules of the show are simple: The participants are asked several “yes” or “no” questions and if a lie detector determines they’re responding honestly, they win the money and go on to the next question.

This particular episode aired years ago, but it’s recently started going viral again, and for good reason.

In the shocking clip, we see as the woman reveals one horrifying secret after another when questioned about her marriage. Her husband watches as she answers questions regarding her feelings about getting married, her exes and even whether or not she has ever taken her ring off to appear single.

It’s all for the big prize money. Watch to find out if she takes home the cash, or if she ends up losing both the money and her marriage.

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