WATCH: Woman Finds Mischievous Wild Possum Hiding in the Closet

Some poor woman discovered a wild possum had moved into her closet, and decided to film her many—mostly futile—attempts to get the beast out of her home.

This video is all kinds of hilarious—and a little terrifying for people who don’t like possums!

Wary of the unwelcomed guest, the woman makes a few tries to move the possum with a broom. When she realizes that it’s actually a protective mama-possum with a small cluster of babies, she even tries to move the family via basket.

Her freaked-out reactions are so great, you’ve just got to watch them for yourself.

One thing is for sure, this woman is braver than most would be in this situation and much more patient. Ultimately she is able to lure the small family into an outdoor rabbit hutch.

Check out the video above.