WATCH: Woman Gets Out of Her Car and Dances After Leading Cops on Lengthy Chase

A suspected car thief took police on a chase through downtown Los Angeles, but it was when she finally pulled over and got out of her vehicle that things go really weird.

ABC 7 news reported that the driver of the vehicle was speeding through red lights and weaving dangerously through traffic in an attempt to evade cops for over two miles.

She even blew over a spike strip and burst a tire, but tried to keep going.

When 25-year-old woman finally decided to pull over for a moment, she got out of the car and started dancing in the street. It is believed she may have been under the influence of alcohol or substances.

Now the video of her shaking her stuff in the street in front of the cops is going viral.

She got back inside the car after her bizarre dance break, but by that point her vehicle was surrounded by police officers.

The woman, identified as Kelsey Wood, was subsequently taken into custody.

She is being held on $75,000 bail, according to reports.