WATCH: Woman Orders 2 Pitbulls to Attack and Bloody a New York Man

A Bronx woman set her two pit bulls on an elderly man and was arrested during the weekend

The woman, Cynthia Oliver, 55 years old, was charged with reckless endangerment in the second degree as well as assault in the second degree. Authorities said that she and the victim, Franceso Bove, 62, were having an argument when she set her dogs loose.

It was Friday morning when Mr. Bove was walking down Belmont Avenue in the Bronx. That’s when he and Ms. Oliver got into an argument. Frustrated, Oliver let go of her dogs’ leashes, allowing both of them to charge at the victim.

The two dogs bit Mr. Bove several times and dragged him across the street. Several bystanders attempted to wrestle the dogs off him, including one man who suffered injuries to his limbs as well. One man even opened a hose on the dogs hoping to get them off the victim. He wasn’t very successful.

The dogs have since been taken to Animal Care Centers of NYC. No one’s sure of their fate as of yet.

Mr. Bove now has a severed right ear, nerve damage to his arms and bite marks and lacerations to his chest and limbs.
Ms. Oliver was taken to the hospital for psychiatric evaluation, police said. She’s currently held on $35,000 bail and is due back in court Tuesday.

If you want to see a more graphic version of the video that hasn’t been blurred out, click here.