WATCH: Woman Pepper Sprays Bear — What Happens Next Is Unbelievable

The woman in the video is apparently alone when she is confronted by a bear while trying to enjoy a kayaking adventure.

The trouble begins before she starts filming, when the bear interrupts her solo vacation. It’s probably not a wise idea for her to pepper spray the bear either. Sure, he stops trying to get close to the woman but it seems it pisses him off more than anything.  The pepper spray also does little to deter the bear from getting all over this woman’s kayak. What he does to it, you’ll just have to see for yourself.

Sure, it’s pretty nerve-wrecking to be confronted by a bear, but most of the million-plus viewers who’ve checked out the video are pretty annoyed with the woman in the video. Her narration is a little tweaky and weird, plus, she should be happy she’s alive instead of whining as she does. It’s really unbelievable how she keeps on talking and talking (and whining and whining) when she should just leave knowing her life’s been spared.

What do you think about the woman in the video? What would you do if this was you?