WATCH: Woman Pretends to Be Drunk to See What Men Will Do, What Happens Is Disturbing

Many women are cautious when they go out to enjoy a drink or two with friends, for fear that at some point in the evening a strange man might take advantage of them in their intoxicated state. While you’d certainly hope that most men would do the right thing, and help the woman get home safely with no untoward advances—and without assaulting the woman—it seems that isn’t always the case.

Centro Europeo Neurosalus in Madrid, Spain decided to conduct a social experiment to see what men would do when confronted with an attractive—but very drunk—woman on the street.

Would they do the right thing and make sure she stayed safe, or shamelessly try to take advantage of her?

The results of the experiment are pretty terrifying.

The actress is seen pretending to be drunk on the street—in broad daylight no less—in order to get reactions from passing men.

She is approached by man after man, but is offered no help from them. Instead they try to get her even more drunk, some become very touchy-feely, and others even try to walk away with her.

One man even leads her down an alley and pins her against a wall—and doesn’t stop until some of the camera crew intervene.

Watch the full shocking video above.