WATCH: Woman Gets ‘Puppet Facelift’ Procedure on Live TV

Warning: the video above could be considered disturbing to some people.

If you’re curious about the drastic techniques people turn to in order to regain their youth, this video is about to answer your questions. Karen Lovell, 56, agreed to undergo a “puppet facelift” procedure on live television.

The puppet facelift is a new procedure to help women reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The anti-aging treatment is technically considered non-surgical, but it does involve threads being sewn through the face and under the skin in order to lift cheeks and lower face.

The threads are sewn underneath the skin, and then it is pulled tight to manipulate the facial features. It’s just like how you control a marionette puppet, but for your skin.

The entire procedure happens while the patient is awake, so they can say if they are happy with the results and make adjustments accordingly. Lovell was given a local anesthetic before her doctor began to insert the threads.

While the procedure’s results are immediately visible patients are advised not to smile for at least a week, until the threads settle into place.

The thread is anchored by small cones, and will dissolve under the skin—similar to the type of thread sometimes used for medical stitches. The two-hour treatment will typically last around 18 months.