WATCH: Woman Reunites with Mystery Nurse Who Cradled Her After She was Badly Burned as an Infant

Almost 38 years ago, Amanda Scarpinati was hospitalized after she was badly burned. She was only a baby at the time, just three-months-old. She had suffered horrific burns after she rolled off a couch and onto a boiling-hot steam vaporizer.

She would undergo years of reconstructive procedures, but it was an incident that happened shortly after the terrible accident that stuck with her for years to come.

Some beautiful black and white photographs were snapped of Amanda being tenderly cradled in the arms of a nurse. Amanda’s small head is overwhelmed by many inches of gauze wrappings. The photos appeared in the 1997 annual report for the medical center where she was treated in Albany, New York, however the nurses identity was never listed.

Now after almost four decades, the name of the mystery nurse has finally be discovered.

Amanda reached out on Facebook in search of the nurses name, and according to reports it took less than 24 hours for the Internet to solve the mystery.

She was identified as Susan Berger, who was apparently just 21 years old when she cared for Amanda.

Finally, the pair were able to arrange to be reunited for the first time this week at the Albany Medical Center.

“She’s real,” said Amanda. “She’s not actually just a picture anymore, she’s real.”