WATCH: Woman Secretly Records Doctors During Her Own Surgery, What She Hears Is Shocking

Nobody wants to hear bad things said about themselves, but especially not by the person who holds your life in their hands.

A woman going into surgery was feeling uneasy about her doctor, so she decided to record the whole thing while she was unconscious for the procedure. She hid a small recorder in her hair when she went in for a routine hernia surgery.

What she heard was shocking.

According to Fox26, Ethel Easter, a woman from Texas, was uncomfortable about her doctor after she’d had a bad conversation with him during her consultation appointment. Suffering from a hernia, Easter said that he told her she would need to wait two months to be schedule for surgery.

When she protested that she couldn’t wait that long, he allegedly retorted “who do you think you are? You have to wait just like everybody else.”

It’s not clear if Easter ended up waiting the full two months, but once she was finally unconscious for the procedure her doctor didn’t hold back in saying exactly the terrible things he thought about her.

It’s pretty horrible.

First he complains about her attitude during the consultations. Then he and the operating room staff members’ words turn to disparaging remarks about her body.

One male voice calls her “Precious,” as a dig about Easter’s weight. Another person calls her “always the queen,” and then one woman asks everyone if they’d seen the patient’s belly button, then laughs. One person says they felt “sorry for her husband.”

According to reports, one doctor even made a Bill Cosby joke about her unconscious form.

Harris Health System, who run the hospital where Easter was treated, sent her a letter response to her complaints saying that staff has been reminded to be mindful of what they say about patients and how they treat them.