WATCH: Woman Sets Parachute on Fire Mid-Jump

Woman Sets Parachute on Fire

So at first this video seems like it will be a totally normal jump. A camera shows a skydiver leap from a plane and deploy a parachute.

Then things get weird—really, really weird.

The jumper, who is identified as Brianne Thompson, pulls out a signal gun and blasts it into her parachute—lighting her chute on fire. And yes, she did this on purpose.

The parachute—her lifeline—is completely engulfed in flames.

What the video above to see what happens and be advised, Brianne is a professional skydiver and instructor as well as a world champion competitor in the sport. So it’s safe to say that this isn’t a trick you should attempt to do by yourself—or at all.

There are so many potential things that could go wrong—and even one tiny mistake or malfunction could cost even a professional diver their life. Brianne had a backup parachute, but there is no telling what else could have gone wrong.

She makes the stunt look easy, but even the most serious of adrenaline junkies would be nervous about pulling off something as insane as this.