WATCH: Woman Steals Flat Screen TV in 13 Seconds, You Won’t Believe How She Did It

By the looks of it, this isn’t the first time these women pulled off a television heist. Although, it may very well be the most cunning electronics theft we have ever watched.

One of the women can be seen on surveillance camera in Guapiles, Costa Rica, stealing a flat screen by placing it beneath her skirt, gripping it tightly with her thighs and casually walking out of the store.

The robbery took only 13 seconds. Yes, you read that right. She lifted a flat screen TV from a store in just 13 seconds!

“She did it so quickly no one had time to notice or react,” reported the shop assistant.

As one YouTube commenter pointed out, “That is some James Bond shit.” She probably never skips leg day at the gym.