WATCH: Woman Steals Luxury Car from Dealership After Boyfriend Refuses to Buy It for Her

A lovers spat turned into grand theft auto in China at an Audi dealership, after a girlfriend became upset when her boyfriend wouldn’t buy her the car she wanted. He refused to make a purchase of a luxury vehicle that comes with a hefty price tag of 400,000 Yuan (about $62,600 USD), and the two got into a major public spat.

Footage shot by a bystander shows the couple arguing in the dealership’s parking lot, before the woman gets into the car—the one neither of them have paid for—and tries to drive off.

At first she is stopped by her boyfriend, who reaches into the driver’s side window, presumably to take the keys away from her. He is able to grab her purse, but she speeds off in the car. An unlucky salesman, who was trying to mediate the fight, gets knocked to the ground in the process.

Employees and her boyfriend start chasing after her down the street as she speeds away, and they all disappear around the corner.

It is unknown if they caught her and recovered the car, or if she made it away successfully. It remains to be seen if the dealership will press charges.

See the whole thing go down in the video above.