WATCH: Woman Stubs Out Cigarette on Reporter’s FACE!

The paparazzi are insane, but the reporter assaulted in the video seems to be a genuine news woman. You have to watch her get assaulted by the woman in the light pink sweater!

We’re not sure what the woman in the light pink sweater did, except we find out that she was wanted for being a public nuisance. Apparently, she was also the supporter of someone who’d allegedly committed a crime. Naturally, the reporter seen in the bright pink suit jacket approached her to ask questions about the alleged criminal after the woman lit her cigarette while pushing a baby stroller. All it seems the reporter was trying to do was catch a comment here or there for her report.

Shockingly, the woman in the light pink sweater not only stubs out her cigarette in the reporter’sĀ face but adds, “Get out of my way,” afterwards. We wonder if she’s now in double trouble with the Aussie law.

Sure, reporters don’t have much respect for personal space when they’re trying to break a story but we at FTK want to hear what you have to say about this. We’re pretty sure most of you will say the woman with the baby carriage went too far, but some folks say that she had every right to create her own personal space. We’d love to hear what you think so leave us a comment!