Watch: Woman Torches Car at Gas Station After Man Refused to Give Cigarette

Things got dangerous at a gas station in Jerusalem when a woman was denied a cigarette. According to The Daily Mail the woman approached a man filling his car and tried to bum a smoke from him. She then flew off the handle when she was rejected, and set his car ablaze.

The entire shocking interaction was caught on film by CCTV cameras at the station.

Cameras show her approach and get rejected. At first she seems to just give up and appears to turn away.  However after taking a couple of steps she returns and lights the nozzle of the fuel pump on fire with a lighter.

Flames quickly engulf the car as the driver scrambles to get the pump nozzle as far away from the blaze as possible.

According to police, the driver may have saved lives by his quick actions, because had the flames reached the main gas tank it could have caused a deadly explosion.

The fire was reportedly extinguished quickly, and no injuries are reported. There is no report on the extent of the damage.

Police from the Moriah precinct arrested the woman suspected of lighting the blaze based on camera evidence, although she reportedly has denied any wrongdoing.

Watch the shocking footage below.