WATCH: Woman Tries to Sell Her Baby in Shocking Footage

One mother was caught trying to do something most would never even think of doing.

According to the Mirror, the woman in the footage below is a 25-year-old prostitute in Russia. She was filmed trying to sell her 10-day-old baby boy to a set of undercover police officers.

The exchange between the woman and policemen is below:

Officers:  “So how much for it? Is it a boy or a girl?”

Woman: “It is a boy, 150,000 RUB (£1,500).”

Officers:  “Now turn to the camera and give us a small interview.”

Officers: “What is the matter, you don’t want to talk?”

Woman: “My life is difficult. I do not have a choice.”

Woman: “I had to sell my son, but now I want him back.”

The mother was arrested on the spot, and the baby was taken into care and put in an orphanage.