WATCH: Woman Who Weighs 40 Lbs Makes Emotional Plea for Help

A 37-year-old woman is literally begging for her life after a nearly 10-year battle with anorexia nervosa, as hospitals refuse to treat her. Her eating disorder has left her at a shocking “40-something pounds,” and has made her too weak to move. She is 5’7’’ tall.

Rachael Farrokh, from Southern California, used to be an aspiring actress. Now because of her eating disorder she is emaciated, often left breathless by the smallest physical exertion, and too weak to move around her own home by herself. Her husband, a former physical trainer, even quit his job to provide her round-the-clock care.

Although she has sought medical help, she has struggled to find a hospital that will treat her—because of her dangerously low weight, hospital administrations consider her too much of a liability.

Now she has released a video on YouTube where she talks about her health struggle, and pleads with the hospitals for the help they won’t give.

It is completely heart-wrenching to watch.

In her video, she says that she has one last chance—a slim one—to be seen at a hospital on the other side of the country.

She has created a donation page in the hopes of raising the funds to travel there.

Watch her describe her life-and-death battle in the emotional video above.