WATCH: Women Accuse Major Jeweler of Swapping Out Their Diamonds

Engagement rings come in all shapes and sizes, cuts and clarities, and even colors! The price range can vary greatly, but one thing is certain: the customer expects to get what they pay for!

That’s why some women are furious, claiming that their engagement ring diamonds have been swapped for fakes by Kay Jewelers.

Multiple women have reported taking their engagement rings to be cleaned and sent for repairs, as part of Kay’s gemstone guarantee service. The service insures the stone against lost and damage, so long as the ring is brought in every six months for inspection.

Chrissy Clarius is one of the women who participated in this program, until she said she noticed something wasn’t right with the stone she received back.

She took her stone to be matched to its certificate of authenticity from the Gemological Science International.  Each stone is inscribed with an individual GSI code.

Sure enough, Clarius says when she took her stone to a third party for inspection the stone did not match her original GSI code.

In fact, she was told that the stone wasn’t even a diamond, but instead a cheaper one made of moissanite. The band itself was platinum instead of white gold.

“I felt sick to my stomach,” Clarius said. She has since filed a report with Kay’s loss protection department, as well as with the Baltimore police.

Since sharing her story, other women have come forward with their own diamond horror stories at Kay Jeweler.

Another woman, named Hannah LaFlam, said that after taking her ring in to be re-sized, she received back a ring with a certification number that did not match the original.

Fortunately for LaFlam, her original diamond was eventually located in New Hampshire after the store admitted that a mistake had been made. She was reunited with her original stone in the end, but other women have not been so lucky.

Kay says it has strict policies in place to prevent these swaps from happening, including rigorous checks throughout the inspection process to make sure that the certification number is a match.

Many more women have reached out to BuzzFeed News to share their diamond horror stories, and can be read here.