WATCH: Women Brawl at Walmart, But What the Little Boy Does Will Shock You More

Indiana police are investigating a fight, after a shocking video footage surfaced online that shows two adult women and a very young boy throwing punches inside of a Walmart. In the two-part video, which apparently took place at a Beech Grove store, two women are seen angrily confronting each other.

It is not clear exactly what led to the fight, but things quickly get out of hand.

The situation quickly escalates and the shouting turns physical when one woman gets out of her electric wheelchair and the first punches are thrown.

Shocked onlookers filmed the whole altercation, as one woman calls to her young son to punch the other woman in the face.

In the disturbing footage the little boy can clearly be seen yelling, kicking at, and throwing punches as his mother pins the other woman to the floor. He even throws shampoo bottles off the shelves, and at one point yells at the onlookers.

According to reports, officers from the Beech Grove Police Department were called by store management to break up the fight. A spokesperson from Walmart said that store policy prohibits staff from interfering in physical altercations.

The women were reportedly escorted from the store. It is unclear if any charges will be filed.

You can watch the raw footage of the insane fight below. The videos do contain graphic images and language, viewer discretion is advised.