WATCH: Wrecking Ball Knocking Down Rock Spire Looks Way Cooler Than We’d Imagine

Who knew watching a wrecking ball in action could be so much fun? And no, the Miley Cyrus version doesn’t count.

The video above, sourced back a few years, was taken in Norway and shows a helicopter carrying a massive wrecking ball that smacks down an even more massive rock spire off a cliff face to prevent it from becoming a road hazard.

Watch as the wrecking ball smashes up against the rock a few times before the whole thing comes tumbling down in pieces. The helicopter then carries and dumps water over the rock face to loosen and remove any remaining smaller pieces that may fall off at an unfortunate time later. Or as the YouTube description humorously puts its “The helicopter then displays its dominance of the Fjord by urinating all over the rock face.”

We’re not big fans of watching things get smashed and destroyed into pieces, but this safety precaution video is undeniably cool.

Check it out for yourself. To get to the good part right away, start at the 1-minute mark.