WATCH: WWII Veteran Reunited with Long Lost Love After 70 Years

Norwood Thomas met Joyce Durrant in 1944. He was stationed outside of London with the 101st Airborne Division when they started dating.

Thomas knew he was in love, and found the woman he wanted to spend his life with, no matter what.

Fate can be cruel, and after Thomas was sent to Normandy, he and his lady love lost touch.

Thomas would be doomed to spend a lifetime separated from the love of his life.

According to reports, he tried to persuade Durrant her to join him in the United States after the way, but she refused and both of them eventually went on to marry other people and have their own families.

Thomas told ABC News that he never forgot Durrant, over the course of a long seven decades.

“She had always been on the fringes of my thoughts this whole time,” said Thomas. “She’d always pop up as a pleasant memory, and it turns out that she’d been thinking of me this whole time too.”

Now 93-years-old, and a widower living in Virginia, Thomas is getting another chance at his long lost love.

Durrant’s son had searched for Thomas on the Internet, and contacted him. It turns out Durrant has been living halfway around the world in Australia. However the pair refused to let distance with this time.

The pair got to see each other for the first time in decades via face-to-face Skype video chat.

Thomas and Durrant hope to be able to meet again in person instead of just through the screen.

“To be able to see her after all these years, I am looking forward to that,” said Thomas.