WATCH: You Won’t Believe How Men React to Their Girlfriends Being Catcalled

A woman made headlines last year when she spent 10 hours walking around New York City while secretly filming herself, and the barrage of catcalls she received on the streets. While a dramatic portrait of the female experience, for some people the reality just didn’t hit home.

Many men are inclined to dismiss when their ladies complain about getting catcalled. After all, the people on the street are less likely to do so when the boyfriend is around—so these guys have probably never actually seen the harassment take place.

It’s easy to pretend it’s not a big deal when you don’t actually witness it happening.

That’s why Cosmopolitan rounded up a group of men and showed them footage of their girlfriends being catcalled on the streets. Seeing a loved one experience harassment from strangers created an eye-opening, and emotional experience for the men.

Most of the men seem to brush off the comments their girls are receiving as strangers, in fact at first they kind of treat it all like a joke. As the catcalls keep rolling in, and become more aggressive towards their girlfriends, the guys visibly become angrier and more upset by the whole thing.

At the end of the video the men can all agree; they’re glad that street harassment is an issue that people are starting to take more seriously.