WATCH: Zombie Experiment NYC

What would happen if zombies walked among us?

With the popularity of shows like The Walking Dead, it’s a question that people actually ponder while hanging with friends, before going to bed at night, or while designing logos for the coming apocalypse. The fascination is so real that everyone from New York Magazine to have presented scenarios as to whether or not humanity could actually survive a zombie invasion. So while these flesh-eating baddies are fictional… for now (You don’t know! Don’t act like you know!), some people are nevertheless preparing for the worst.

In what looks like a SciFi social studies experiment, some creative folks in New York decided to let zombies loose on the city. With some incredible makeup teams, a group of skilled actors who know how to move like the undead wandered about the streets of New York. The results are pretty funny– especially when you realize it was all a publicity stunt.

As you’ll recall, Dish Network wasn’t airing AMC, the network behind The Walking Dead. To raise awareness and get folks to switch sattelite providers (or get Dish to bring the network back), AMC produced this stunt. And it’s pretty genius. Though Dish has since returned the network to its roster, this video is definitely a fun Friday distraction.