Man Dies After Watching the World Cup for Three Consecutive Nights

It has been reported that Zhou Meng, 39, a dedicated football (soccer) fan from Shanghai, China, died after staying up for three consecutive nights to watch World Cup matches.

According to the Mirror Online, Meng suffered a stroke and brain hemorrhage on Sunday while watching the match between Costa Rica and Uruguay.

He was pronounced dead several hours after arriving at the Shanghai No. 10 People’s Hospital.

His family explained that Meng, who had high blood pressure, stayed up for two nights prior to his death watching televised matches live from Brazil.

A spokesman for the hospital said that those with high blood pressure are more likely to experience such tragedies when partaking in or watching events that get them emotional or excited.

Last weekend, which was the start of the World Cup, Shanghai’s hospitals reportedly had an unusually high number or emergency cases.

Due to the 11-hour time difference, most group games begin at midnight through 6am in China, forcing fans to stay up all night to satisfy their love of the game.

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