You Probably Didn’t Know That Those Creepy Sounds in Horror Movies Were All Made by This Instrument (VIDEO)

We love horror movies, even if we’re the ones covering our eyes and plugging our ears when the really scary scenes appear on the screen.

It’s usually the sounds playing in the background that get to us more than visuals. We could probably watch blood and guts all day, but hearing certain tones gives us the creeps big time.

Have you ever wondered what kind of device is used to create the majority of those strange noises you hear in horror flicks when things get suspenseful? Wonder no more.

It’s called a waterphone (also known as the ocean harp). This bizarre percussive instrument was invented by American artist Richard Waters.

Watch the clip above to see how the waterphone works. You may even recognize some of the sounds from movies that once gave you nightmares, or still do.