We Bet You Will Have to Watch This Water Glass Magic Trick Over and Over Again

Is this fake, or a skillful illusion that’s fooling the entire Internet? Those are the questions being asked by completely baffled viewers of this tricky video.

The clip shows water being poured into a tall, clear glass filled with ice cubes. Once the person grabs the glass however, it is instantly transformed into a completely two-dimensional cardboard cutout of the glass.

There is no where for the water to have gone, and no way the water could have been poured into a flat piece of paper. Like the title of the video says, you’ll definitely be watching and re-watching this one to figure out the secret.

While skeptics are quick to call the video a fake many viewers have pointed out that they can’t seem to find the ‘edit’ where the glass would have been swapped out, leading a lot of people to believe that this might in fact be a legitimate illusion.